It is recommended you receive a

Rahanni healing before deciding

to progress as a student, giving

you the opportunity to ‘feel’ the

beautiful vibrations and to see if

it resonates with your heart centre.


Practitioner - Level 1

The Practitioner level is where the student is attuned to this beautiful 5th dimensional energy, helping to raise their spiritual vibration, allowing them to channel through the healing rays helping humanity and animals to a better quality of life. Training is done in a one-day workshop, either one on one or with a group. Some or our teachers offer and prefer to hold the training over a 6-week period.

During the workshop you will learn about the Archangels/Higher beings and the Master's that Rahanni works with. Healing for children, plants and animals and distant healing. The manual covers quite a lot, and this is why many of our teachers prefer to run the workshop over two days or a longer period.

Once you are attuned to Level One you become a Rahanni Celestial Healer and can use this energy on yourself, distant healing, friends, family or set up your own clinic to receive clients.

You will be added to this website as a point of contact for others to reach out to you, and our Rahanni Celestial Healing support page on Facebook. All students receive the Practitioners manual, Certificate and ongoing support.



Teachers - Level 2

Once the Practitioner has been attuned to Rahanni, it seems that many wish to progress and take the next step to becoming a teacher. You need to have worked as a Rahanni Practitioner for at least six/twelve months before you are able to take that next step. This makes sense, for if you are going to teach you will need to know the Practitioner level inside out.

The teaching level is run basically the same as the Practitioner level but with more depth information and of course the final attunement needed for teaching. Once you are a teacher you can proceed to teach others Rahanni Celestial Healing, as usually once someone has had a healing they are keen to become a Practitioner themselves.

Being attuned isn’t something you take on lightly, but it is worthwhile, knowing you have the ability to make a difference to this world and to many people’s lives. 

Contact one of our practitioners to discuss further.